NSL Announces New Trainer Directory

We are pleased to announce the development of our NSL Trainer Directory. This directory will be developed and placed under a tab “Trainer Network” it will identify any trainer who provides who completes the “trainer information sheet.” The cost of being listed in our trainer directory is $25.00 (US) annually.

We are excited to provide current and potential competitors a centralized database where they can find a “local” trainer in their respective area or a web-based trainer to assist them in their competition journey. We are also excited to assist trainers in growing their client base, thus increasing opportunity and growing an economy together.

If you are interested in being listed in our trainer network email info@NspireSL.com, put in the subject line “trainer network. We will forward you the trainer data sheet for your submission. Our desire is to have this database on our website www.NspireSL.com by January 1, 2017.

Thank you for your interest and participation.

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