10 ways to stay lean year round & it’s benefits

by Alex Carneiro Intro: Gaining lean mass and reducing body fat is always a game of calories in, calories out and other important co-factor such as training, nutrition optimization and much more. However, once you’ve achieved the body you are … Read More

5 Ways to spark your fitness lifestyle

by Alex Carneiro Training can become stagnant after a while. The same reps, the same sets, the machine exercise, sometimes even the same gym can be somewhat un-motivating to return too if you have been going there for a long … Read More


Dare to be different. Reinventing a wheel to make it turn faster and with more precision is what many desire. Be bold conceptualize the improved wheel and create. It boils down to marketing and presentation coupled with performance. In today’s … Read More

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PREMIER IMAGES- FITNESS: On location with Pro athlete Jennifer Thompson at Destination Dallas.