NSL Announces New Trainer Directory

We are pleased to announce the development of our NSL Trainer Directory. This directory will be developed and placed under a tab “Trainer Network” it will identify any trainer who provides who completes the “trainer information sheet.” The cost of … Read More


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NOVEMBER 17, 2016 ORGANIZATIONS UNITE TO MOUNT LARGEST MR. AMERICA CONTEST EVER Iconic Title Contest Gets Overhaul The iconic Mr. America, bodybuilding competition founded in1939, the longest running physique competition in the United States, has announced its … Read More

NSL Interview with Today with Kandace

CREATE OPPORTUNITY–it was a pilar of the foundation of the NSL Fit Sport community and this morning we again achieved yet another miles stone. UNITED we can accomplish GREAT things, divided we can only maintain. Let’s UNITE our COMMUNITY for … Read More

From the Commish – May

Another month older and the Nspire Sports League (NSL) continues to create innovative ideas, concepts, and competition formats that are no doubt EVOLVING the sport. The introduction of constant contest naming assists you the athlete our consumer in early understanding … Read More

Building Beautiful Bikini Bodies

I’ve been competing since 2012 and have met so many women aspiring to become top bikini competitors in the fitness industry. Most of the ladies compete a couple times per year and take part of the year off – we … Read More


Nspire Sports League™ is founded on the principals of equality, opportunity, and transparency. This foundation gives athletes, sponsors, and fans the opportunity to openly build a community that supports growth and development of individual’s best, as well as health and … Read More

Tips For Ensuring Progress

by Erin Stern Progress is rarely a linear thing. One week you can see tremendous changes, and then nothing for a few weeks. Here are a few tips and things to consider while on a training plan: Put the scale … Read More