Lee Thompson, Co-Founder and Commissioner

With 27 years of vast experience from the oilfields of South Texas, to physique competition stages around the globe, Lee Thompson has a long history as an entrepreneur and executive. After retiring from the business world, he took up weightlifting and exercise to help transform his body, lose weight and get into shape.  Along this journey, he began competing in physique competitions and after he accomplished those goals, turned his focus to judging, promoting, and teaching others about the sport.

Over the past 12 years, Lee has had incredible success in forming a business strategy for these events, and soon became one of the most successful and sought after judges in the industry. He volunteered his time to travel around the world teaching about this healthy lifestyle.

As Co-Founder of the Nspire Sports League (NSL), his goal is to to create an environment of transparency, equality, opportunity and inclusivity for ALL athletes, fans, sponsors, vendors who choose to participate in a physique competition.

Jennifer Thompson, Co-Founder and President

Jennifer Thompson started her fitness career as a competitive athlete in college track & field, participating in the heptathlon and pole-vault. With 10 years in the fitness industry, she has gained experience in a variety of its facets.

After graduating in 2005 from Wayland Baptist University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and Kinesiology / Physical Education, she quickly began personal training, eventually earning a management position at the YMCA, where she spent 5 years as the Director of the Fitness & Wellness Department. During that time, she earned multiple certifications in exercise instruction and education as a trainer and director in that role.

In 2008, Jennifer was introduced to the competitive world of body-sculpting and quickly found a love for the sport and the stage. Through her journey, she has traveled the world as a sponsored athlete with one of the largest supplement companies in the industry (Optimum Nutrition); promoting health, fitness, training, and nutrition as well as the products necessary for their optimization.

She is the winner of the 2011 Bodybuilding.com BodySpace Spokesmodel Competition. Part of the prize package included becoming an official bodybuilding.com athlete, a photoshoot with Ironman Magazine that resulted in a 6 page spread of photos and interview content as well and landing the cover feature.

Dedicated to fitness, she has endeavored to know the industry inside-and-out: as a Pro Bikini Athlete, a promoter of bodybuilding / body-sculpting events, as well as judging in amateur, national, and professional events worldwide. This has garnered her visibility and popularity, leading to an array of host and emcee gigs at various events, as well as a radio podcast; culminating in a social platform she utilizes to encourage her followers on their health and fitness journey.

As an entrepreneur, Jennifer is the Co-Founder of Nspire Sports League with her husband, Lee Thompson. Her efforts are focused on engaging the fitness community by bringing cutting-edge technology, transparency, innovation and high level productions to athletes, fans, sponsors and vendors all around the globe. She invites you to join the NSPIRE Sports League Community!

Charles Johnson, Co-Founder

Houston Attorney Charles Johnson is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, and the University of Houston Law Center. After graduating from the University of Texas, where he was an All-Southwest Conference and Pre-Season All-American Football and Track star, Attorney Charles Johnson played football for the NFL’s Denver Broncos and New York Giants.
At the time of his retirement from the NFL, Charles was under contract with the former Houston Oilers, now the Tennessee Titans. After the NFL and law school, Charles settled down in Houston, Texas to begin his legal practice, The Charles Johnson Law Firm, and is now known as The Houston Lawyer.

Retirement from football and a growing law practice brought Charles success, but the urge to work out and get his sports ‘fix’ only became stronger. In the late 90’s, Charles became interested in a new style of training – bodysculpting. Over the course of the next many years, he was an avid fan, consumed as much information as possible and chased the dream of all bodysculpting fans – to get into the best possible physical shape.

Along the way, Charles became known as one of the premier criminal defense attorneys in the State of Texas and nationally in Federal Court. Charles is active in political consulting, is on the Board of Directors of the Houston Police Department Foundation and is Special Counsel to Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman. Charles also is the founder and owner of American Title Company in downtown Houston and is a founding partner/owner of Kids First Focus Marketing Group.

In 2013, while purchasing a local gym franchise, Charles had a chance meeting with Lee and Jennifer Thompson, and the three became fast friends. Now side-by-side, the three of them have formed the Nspire Sports League, a community where like-minded individuals seek to be the best that they can be, in an atmosphere of transparency, equality and inclusivity.