Nspire Sports League™ is founded on the principals of equality, opportunity, and transparency. This foundation gives athletes, sponsors, and fans the opportunity to openly build a community that supports growth and development of individual’s best, as well as health and wellness. The NSL is a community where athletes from around the world are welcomed and encouraged to compete in any competitive division that aligns with their personal goals. It is a place where sponsors are rewarded for the open support of athletes that represent the kind of quality the community respects and demands. At the center of Nspire Sports League TM are the fans, whose support makes all of this possible. We are committed to showing the respect the fans deserve by putting the athletes they demand on every stage around the world. We are a community where fans can celebrate the accomplishments of these dedicated athletes. A community that encourages evolution and strives to show the world, this is how we live!

We are proud to be strategically partnered with the:

President’s Challenge Program to conduct family fitness assessments across the United States. (Safe To Talk Foundation) a school safety program to assist students with a technology based anti-bullying anonymous reporting system.

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  1. Hey, I’ve been checking you guys out, I love the idea you guys have going on with the new age sports league! Is there Bodybuilding in your League or only Classic and Physique?

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