Frequently Asked Questions

  • The NSL offers a positive experience for all.  Our events are facilitated in the same fashion no matter where they occur to ensure your experience is seamless and exciting.
  • Simply choose a contest in which you desire to compete.
  • Complete the membership application if you are not a current member of the NSL, then proceed to the event registration and complete the required fields.
  • You will receive a confirmation email advising you of pertinent information pertaining to your event.
  • You may also sign up for “alerts / push notifications” via our smart device BodySquid App.
  • The evening prior to the event is the athletes meeting at which time you will have your weight or height confirmed to ensure that you are registered in the proper division and class.
  • Then it’s off to tan, eat and sleep.
  • On the morning of the event you will arrive at the venue to receive your competitor number or button.  Then it’s time to get ready to take to the stage.
  • NSL staff personnel are available to answer your questions during the event.
  • Registration is OPEN to anyone one from anywhere.
  •  Simply purchase your NSL membership and compete anywhere around the world.
  • Any citizen of any country may compete and EARN their pro status with the NSL.
  • All events sanctioned or promoted by the NSL qualify athletes placing top 5 in their respective class.
  • Athletes who have placed top 5 in any event during the calendar year (eg. Nov 2015 to Nov 2016) are eligible to compete in an NSL pro qualifier.
  • NSL professional athletes are eligible to compete in any NSL sanctioned professional event by registering on-line for the event at least 7 days prior to the contest date.
  • Athletes may cross-over in one or more classes at national qualifying events only.
  • Athletes may opt to compete in as many divisions or classes as they desire.
  • Each division or class is a separate registration fee.
  • Athletes meetings are the evening before the contest.
  • See contest information for the event you registered for specific times and location
Please visit our official tanning partner’s website, to book your contest tan for your competition.
Please visit our official hair and make-up partner to book your appointment! They have over 18 years of experience!
  • Every event is different on our event page you will find instruction on how to order for your event.
  • Any NSL member may purchase a backstage pass from our site.
  • Backstage passes do not include seating.