Different Body Types Require Different Competitive Classes

I hear or read the same comments from physique and bikini athletes almost daily—my body is different than other competitors, why are we in the same competition class? Yes, I agree there are several different body types that desire to step onto a competition stage, yet there have been only single competition classes for these varying body types. The one size fits all competition class has created many questions for athletes and trainers/coaches alike and has led to frustration with the competition world.

Here are two common questions I heart most often:

1)      How do I train my body to be one way one week and another way the next week?

2)      Due to judges’ preferences, I must identify the head judge in many federations/organizations to determine how to prepare an athlete for a show.

The two questions above present a problem and I am pleased to provide a solution. The Nspire Sports League (NSL) has introduced different competitive classes for the various body types we see most often on the competition stage. The different classes provide clear and concise criteria to address the questions and the frustrations of the athlete and trainer/coach




Bikini Beach is dedicated to the woman who has an inspiring and attainable physique that focuses on a look of overall wellness and can be maintained almost year round. This look of wellness also includes bright skin tone, curves, bubbly muscle tone, and rounded glute shape.




Bikini Athletic is dedicated to the athletic woman who has the genetics and/or longevity training to look super fit. Her abs are etched out and her muscles are separated, revealing very appealing lines. This athlete is able to achieve a high level of conditioning while maintaining a very feminine and shapely silhouette.






Men Physique Beach is dedicated to the man who appreciates maintaining a beach physique year round. The physique is balanced, conditioned, and aesthetic, while maintaining proportion & some muscularity along with being functionally fit.






Men Physique Athletic is dedicated to the man that appreciates the beach physique look, including muscular legs. This athlete has chiseled his body from top to bottom focusing on chest, shoulders, v-taper, abs, and legs. This athletic physique is also balanced, conditioned, aesthetic, proportioned and functionally fit.



The creation of these two classes now offer a solution to the issue of different body types. This solution goes far beyond creating a more competitive stage it also addresses the issue of a clear and concise criteria so that the competitor and trainer/coach may now establish a clear goal for a personal best. Secondly, it provides a basis for living and competing healthy by allowing the athlete to maintain their individual look without jeopardizing their health by drastically trying to force their body to do things it was not designed to do.

I am excited to see more athletes and trainers/coaches embrace our new competitive divisions. I am equally as excited to have leveled the playing field for the different body types that desire to step onto a competitive stage.

I look forward to seeing you on an NSL stage soon. Please join me in continuing to build a community of Positive Culture in Competition.


Lee Thompson

NSL Commissioner



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