Code of Conduct


The code of conduct requires that athletes exhibit exemplary behavior during Nspire Sports League activities. Athletes must respect judges, officials, and other athletes and demonstrate good sportsmanship. Athletes pledge not to use alcohol, drugs or tobacco products while participating in Nspire Sports League activities. Athletes should refrain from using profanity and gestures that are offensive to others.


Nspire Sports League requires coaches and trainers to consistently present a professional image, which includes appearance and behavior, during all league activities. The code of conduct calls for coaches and managers to display enthusiasm, respect, and honesty.


Nspire Sports League, like many sports league, publishes a code of conduct for parents, and spectators to manage the environment in which Nspire Sports League conducts its events. The code prohibits unsportsmanlike conduct, disrespect of League officials, and verbal abuse of athletes, such as ridicule and booing. Violation of the Nspire Sports League’s code of conduct results in ejection from the event.

Judges/ Promoters

  • Act in a professional and businesslike manner at all times and take your role seriously.
  • Provide a transparent and sportsmanlike environment in which athletes can properly display their hard earned physiques.
  • Know the responsibilities and procedures associated with your role or assignment. This goes for all NSL Promoters as well.  We have business opportunities for those who want to help grow the community as an NSL Event Promoter. Contact us for more details if interested. All sanction fees are non refundable.
  • Remember that all NSL judges/officials are teachers. Set a good example of conduct for all to look up too.
  • Be fair and impartial at all times and score athletes according to the defined criteria as presented on the contest stage by the athlete.
  • Answer all reasonable questions and requests to the best of your ability, if otherwise, refer them to your immediate supervisor for assistance.
  • Adopt a “zero tolerance” attitude toward verbal or physical abuse.
  • Never use foul or vulgar language when speaking with an athlete, coach/trainer, official, sponsor, or fan.
  • Use honesty and integrity when answering questions.
  • Admit your mistakes when you make them.
  • Never openly criticize an athlete, coach/trainer, official, sponsor, or fan.
  • Respect all who provide a critique of your performance.