Professional-Grade Listings

You spend lots of time and money hosting your event so why should your listing look like a blob of text or a limited one-page flyer? It won’t on Bodysquid! With no computer skills to speak of, you can still create a dynamic and interactive listing that will bring more athletes, exhibitors and spectators to your event and keep your phone from ringing with questions.

Every listing lets you and other users post photos and videos directly to the event listing or volunteer for jobs the host offers. You can also view event schedules, registered athletes, exhibitors, and teams. Any user can share the listing on Facebook, Twitter or by email.

Once the event has passed, users can still access the listing for results and to post pictures and videos.

Online Registration

You can enable online registration for your event and accept payment directly into your organization’s PayPal account. With Bodysquid, you will get more pre-registered athletes than ever.

Once a athlete registers for ANY event hosted on our system, it takes them barely 60 seconds to register for your event. We make it easy on athletes.

Once athletes register for your event, you can handle their entire account from a single dashboard. If you wish to accept paper registrations, you can use our manual registration feature and manually sign up athletes on-site or whenever.

Our smart form filters out what your athlete does not need to see.

Tablet-Based Judging!

There is nothing like this available anywhere. Our system funnels registrants directly into our proprietary scoring system, which gives judges a drag & drop screen to pre-sort athletes into quadrants. For fine-tuning, judges use our sort screen.

The instant ranks are saved, they flow into our score calculation system that drops high and low ranks and spits out the final results.

Free Mobile App for All Events

Why pay thousands of dollars for a custom mobile app when you already have one the instant you post an event? Any user can visit your event listing on a mobile device. When they do, they can tap the option to view the mobile app. The app lets you post up-to-the-minute bulletins and it enables live voting on any ballot you setup in the EventBuilder. Users can tap the “My Events” button within the app to see just the events for which they are registered. Or, they can browse all events in the network.

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