Body Shaming – Lady Gaga

It truly saddens me to see members of our health and fitness community body shaming anyone at anytime. However, this past weekend during a celebration of the Super Bowl, her performance showcased her musical talent to entertain more than 100 million people worldwide–a tremendous success on every level. Yet, I have seen trainers, coaches, and competitors take time to body shame this person, Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga is a person, a woman, an artist and a selfless giver to those who who need encouragement, shelter and many other causes. God, asks us to LOVE as He loves us, to give to the broken hearted, the orphan and the widow. Yet, our industry finds a moment to say, “her abs aren’t to our industry standard”. I am so disappointed in who we are as a community.

Our community must embrace everyone and wish them health and wellness not only on a physical level, but on a spiritual and mental level as well. We gain nothing by body shaming Lady Gaga or anyone else for that matter. Let’s think about how we post all of our “off-season” gainz pictures which don’t have abs in them. Yet, we make fun of someone who doesn’t care to have abs. Her worth is not in her physical being it is in her spirit and her LOVE for others.

We must do better so that the best light is shining on us. We must encourage, lift, and build up others not seek to destroy them. We shouldn’t desire to appear self-involved, shallow and vain to the world if we desire to enrich the lives of others. We must embrace all body types. Educate on living a healthy lifestyle and Nspire all people to be their own personal best.

Let’s #risehigher as a community. We can prove the many misconceptions of our industry wrong. #NspireLife

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